Tom Franklin

Chair and Regional Party Liaison Officer and Regional Treasurer

Tom franklin

After a long period of not being involved in party politics I joined the Green Party in 2012, as it is the only party that is taking climate change seriously.

Since then I have discovered how many of its policies I like from advocating active transport (walking and cycling) pushing for better local public transport, fighting for better air quality so that we can all have clean air to breathe to the Citizen’s Income. I have also found it warm and friendly, and a great way to get to know York and its people when I moved here in 2015.

I am particularly concerned about the arms trade and the death and destruction that follows from that. I have twice been arrested for trying to prevent arms sales to countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey. The first time I was acquitted on the grounds that I was trying to prevent war crimes and crimes against humanity. The second time I was acquitted for using the right to protest, but the Crown Prosecution Service is currently appealing the acquittal.

I am a father with two grown up children and live with my partner and her one-eyed cat in North York.

I am also treasurer of the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Green Party.

“When we started seeing #basicincome in our village, the women were liberated, able to take part on decisions...they handle the cash better than men.” Denis Anam Otiento a participant in @Give_Directly’s pilot in Kenya #19biencongress

Public transport will be free in Luxembourg for #EuropeanMobilityWeek in sept 🚍🚎🚊
& in march it will stay become permanently free 🎉 thanks to the Luxembourg Green Party
Imagine the effect on pollution, freedom, congestion, local economy & opportunity👌🏽

A government that only cares about money will never protect wildlife, habitats or anything else they cannot monetize

UK ‘is failing to protect wildlife habitats’, new EU report shows

Bath baker 'betrayed' as he's denied settled status after Brexit

Another shameful disgrace in Brexit Britain

You should not be able to be thrown out of your home of 30 years because you can’t find documents you never knew you would have to keep

Yemen: “When money doesn’t come, people die." - the UN Humanitarian Coordinator @UNOCHA in the country said this week, adding that Yemen "is the largest humanitarian operation in the world addressing the worst humanitarian crisis".

Totally undemocratic to close parliament if it won't do what you want. Leninist even

Boris Johnson seeks legal advice on five-week parliament closure ahead of Brexit

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