Will Dyson


I have lived in York for over twenty years and work for a local company. I am married with a grown-up son. I joined the Green Party because I felt it was the only party that took the environment and climate change seriously. Sadly that’s still the case fourteen years later despite the increasingly urgent warnings from the scientific community and the evidence of our own eyes. Our elected representatives need to take urgent action to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewables and energy efficient buildings.

As a passionate supporter of the NHS I am dismayed at the way cuts and staff shortages are undermining it despite the dedication of its employees. I would support a small rise in income tax to ensure it has the necessary funding for the challenges of an aging population and greater healthcare demands.

On a local level I would like to see action to tackle York’s congestion and air pollution problems. We need frequent, reliable buses and more off-road cycle paths. The York Central ‘teardrop’ site is a fantastic opportunity to plan for a low carbon, car-free zone in the heart of York.

In my spare time I enjoy running, walking on the moors and watching Scandinavian dramas, which make me appreciate living in York all the more.

Contact Will at office@yorkgreenparty.org.uk.

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