Guildhall ward details

Candidates Party Number of votes
Brittlebank, John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 520
Campbell-Thomas, Gordon Independent 386
Craghill, Denise Green Party First Choice Candidate 1,895
Dickenson, Andrew Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 214
Flinders, James Alexander Labour Party 1,625
Green, Michael Joseph Liberal Democrat 511
Keenan, Jan Conservative Party 1,209
Law, Andy Green Party Second Choice Candidate 1,253
Looker, Janet Mary Labour Party 1,621
Love, Nick Liberal Democrat 672
Pilling, Kate Labour Party 1,407
Robinson, Jack Conservative Party 1,112
Robinson, Janette Conservative Party 984
Tranmer, June Lesley Green Party Third Choice Candidate 1,060
Watson, Brian Walter Joseph Edward Independent 416
Waudby, Derek Liberal Democrat 254

Turnout: 53.8%

You can download a ward profile which contains information about the ward and the people who live in it.

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