Micklegate ward details

2015 election results

Candidates Party Number of votes
Allinson, Marc Lee Conservative Party 1,332
Allum, Carlotta Liberal Democrat 448
Bartlett, Martin Liberal Democrat 466
Button, Nick Labour Party 1,611
Gunnell, Julie Christine Labour Party 2,393
Hanbury, Bill Conservative Party 1,105
Havercroft, Mark Green Party 1,526
Hayes, Johnny Independent 2,843
Healey, Paul Stratford Conservative Party 1,091
Hingston, Aileen Alison Liberal Democrat 290
Johnson, Helen Green Party Third Choice Candidate 1,495
Kramm, Lars Green Party First Choice Candidate 1,919
Merrett, Dave Labour Party 1,425
Robinson, Amanda Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 236

Turnout: 69.5%


You can download a ward profile which contains information about the ward and the people who live in it.

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