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1 day ago

York Green Party
Planet South Bank Bishyroad Planet Food:The Real Junk Food Project York IS OPEN TODAY ONE WEEK ONLY *FRIDAY SPECIAL* ...
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2 weeks ago

York Green Party
🤥 We have a PM who is a serial liar.💪 Green MP Caroline Lucas is not letting him get away with it.✊ PM cannot be allowed to continue treating Parliament (and all of us!) with contempt. ...
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2 weeks ago

York Green Party
🤦‍♂️ We have a Prime Minister who has built a career out of lying. He regularly ignores the Ministerial Code and treats Parliament with contempt📣 Caroline Lucas is calling this out for what it is - an assault on our democracy.🚨 We hope the Speaker will agree to action.Exclusive: ‘The normalisation of lying in government is deeply dangerous’, says Caroline Lucas ...
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2 weeks ago

York Green Party
We believe in a #GreenFuture where people and communities have the support they need to thrive.Do you? 👉 join.greenparty.org.uk ...
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A special congratulations @greenmattbfd our social media manager who is now a councillor @bradfordmdc for @bradfordgreens 🥳🥳🥳

✅ Greens have made great gains so far in the local elections.

🧐 But where have those gains come from?

💚 There are no no-go areas for the Greens - @sianberry breaks it down on BBC News.

A quick update on gains since last night:

Cambridge City - double GAIN

Lancashire County - GAIN Burnley Central West division

Shropshire Unitary - GAIN Radbrook (31% swing).

Worcester City - GAIN Arboretum ward

St Helens Met - GAIN Haydock ward (Now 3 Greens on St Helens)

Today’s gains:

32 seats gained from Conservatives
29 seats gained from Labour
3 seats gained from LD
1 seat gained from IND https://twitter.com/bbcnewsnight/status/1390798133681139715

Congratulations to @SheffieldGreens
Excellent campaigning and hard working day after day pays off. Welcome to all the new councillors and keep up the good work!

💚Hundreds of people have joined the Green Party in the past 24 hours.

🤝As we continue to gain more councillors up and down the country, come on board and share the vision for our #GreenFuture.

▶️ http://join.greenparty.org.uk

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