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Are you a first or second class British citizen? 😰
Green Party peer @natalieben wrote @YorksBylines on the dangers of the Nationality and Borders Bill.

Perhaps student accommodations would be better accepted by local community if ground floor provides facilities for students & locals.
Students then live on top.
Some new blocks we see in #York have great facilities but closed off like gated communities🚪

Government ignores advice from its own scientists with shameful decision to authorise bee-destroying pesticide. How is that compatible with its own legal target of halting species loss by 2030? No good answer from minister @Natures_Voice @friends_earth @Buzz_dont_tweet 🐝 🐝🐝

Looks better than before 🤔
More dense building with smaller footprint has environmental advantages, but visual impact is important!
Also, when does #York reaches peak hotel capacity? Can we ensure apartments turn not holiday flats or 'luxury apartments'?

On #HolocaustMemorialDay we remember those murdered during the Holocaust and all genocides.

Hatred and prejudice have no place in today's society. We must stand against it.

#LightTheDarkness with us.


We have to keep coal in the ground. The government should not be allowing an additional 40 MILLION tons of coal to be mined


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