York Green Party Constitution


The name of the local party shall be the York Green Party. It shall be part of the Green Party of England & Wales. It shall cover the City of York and its parliamentary seats, and such other districts as may be agreed from time to time, within the Yorkshire & the Humber region.


The object of York GP is to promote the aims of The Green Party of England & Wales as stated in its Constitution: to develop and implement ecological and social policies consistent with the Philosophical Basis of the Green Party as expressed in the Manifesto for a Sustainable Society, to that end to win seats at all levels of government, and to organise any non-violent activity which will publicise and further these aims.


3.1 All members and supporters shall support the objects and aims of York GP. Membership comprises national Green Party members resident within the City of York, such other members considered by York GP to have a sufficient connection, and other members by agreement with the Yorkshire and the Humber Green Party. Members and supporters of York GP may not be a member of another political party (other than Green Parties outside England & Wales) at the same time.

3.2 Local ‘supporters’ of York GP are not members of the Green Party of England & Wales. They shall pay a reduced subscription. Such supporters shall have the right to attend and speak at all meetings of York GP, but shall only vote on purely local policy; the chair shall rule in case of dispute. Subscription rates for supporters shall normally be fixed at the Annual General Meeting, and the monies shall accrue to York GP.

3.3 York GP may decide to discontinue the supporters’ scheme, at an AGM by a majority vote. Notice shall be given of that intention. In such a vote, only members of the Green Party may vote.

3.4 York GP shall seek to resolve any disputes between members and supporters through discussion and conciliation. York GP has the right and responsibility to take disciplinary action (including suspension or expulsion from York GP) against any member or supporter who has acted against the aims and agreed policies of York GP or has brought it into disrepute. Decisions on disciplinary action shall only be made by the panel, and the subject of the dispute has a right to appeal to the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Party via its disciplinary code and after that to the national party.


Officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. These shall include at least three members to serve as a Chair, a Treasurer, a Returning Officer, and a Local Party Contact. Nominations shall be proposed and seconded, and won by a simple majority vote. The AGM shall have the discretion not to fill posts other than the four named above, or to propose the merging of posts or the creation of other posts, with the agreement of a simple majority. An officer may be co-opted at the monthly members’ meeting. Officers may be de-selected at a members’ meeting after notice of that intention has been given, and in particular to the person(s) concerned.


5.1 Business of York GP shall be decided and managed primarily by monthly members’ meetings, which shall be open to all members and supporters. Motions shall be proposed and seconded, and shall be carried by a simple majority. Members of York GP will be entitled to vote; supporters will be entitled to vote only on local policy. Those unable to attend may make their views known to the meeting, either in writing or through representation by another member, but only those present may vote.

5.2 Officers’ meetings may also be held, between members’ meetings. Decisions shall normally be made by consensus, but where a vote is called only officers shall vote at such officers’ meetings.

5.3 Attendance at and decisions of meetings shall be recorded in minutes to be approved by the next meeting. A draft agenda shall be circulated before each members’ meeting, together with the minutes of the previous meeting. Anyone may suggest additional items for the agenda in advance of or at the start of the meeting.


6.1 Each year an AGM shall be held for the purposes of:

(a) Presentation of a report of work which has been carried out over the year

(b) Presentation of a financial statement for the year by the Treasurer, and its approval

(c) Election of Officers

(d) Any other business on the agenda

6.2 All members of York GP who are present have one vote each; supporters present have one vote each on local policy. Resolutions must have the support of a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote; amendments of this constitution shall require a two-thirds majority in the vote to be adopted. The quorum of an AGM shall be 10 members.

6.3 Notice of the AGM shall be given, and any motions for consideration shall be submitted in writing before the meeting. The agenda shall be circulated in advance. The chair shall rule on the admissibility of any emergency motions put forward late, and on whether issues are local.


7.1 The Treasurer shall collect or arrange the collection all money due to York GP, and shall receive all donations to York GP, and shall be their custodian. The Treasurer shall arrange payment of any bills incurred by York GP and shall notify the group if it is in danger of becoming overdrawn. All money drawn from York GP’s bank account shall be signed by two authorised persons.

7.2 Members and others may incur expenditure on behalf of York GP provided prior approval is obtained at a members’ or officers’ meeting or from the election agent. Any affiliation fees to another organisation or donations to another group must have the approval of a members’ meeting.

7.3 All donations and expenditure shall comply with electoral law. During a election period, the election agent is responsible for ensuring compliance.


8.1 For selection of parliamentary candidates national rules shall be followed, with such additions as are agreed for European parliamentary candidates in the Yorkshire and the Humber region.

8.2 For selection of City of York Council and other local authority candidates, the rules agreed by York GP from time to time shall be followed. Such rules shall determine the eligibility of candidates and selectors. They shall require that the selection ballot shall be conducted by the Single Transferable Vote. They may provide for opportunities for canvassing which will be permitted to candidates for selection, They shall provide for the possibility of de-selection.


This constitution shall only be amended by an AGM or a monthly members’ meeting at which notice of that intention has been given. Proposed amendments shall be carried if they receive the support of two-thirds of those members and, if appropriate, supporters present and eligible to vote.


York GP may cease to exist or join with other local Green Parties. Either shall require the agreement of an AGM or an emergency meeting of which notice has been given. In the event of York GP being wound up, the balance of funds shall be transferred to the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Green Party.