Help get more Greens elected

Your donations large and small are welcome.

The Green Party has no big business or trade union sponsors. We depend on donations from ordinary people to pay for our leaflets and campaigns

By making a regular yearly or monthly supporter donation you will provide the crucial funds we need. You can cancel the subscription anytime via Paypal or by contacting us directly.

Download a standing order form to make a regular donation

Donate online

You can securely make a one-off or regular monthly donation using your debit or credit card via Paypal.

We will use your donation to support our campaigns and get more Green Councillors elected.

To discuss any specific donation requirements please contact the York Green Party office.

If you want to join the Green Party you can become a member here.

Please note that in order for us to accept your donation you must be on the UK electoral register. We cannot accept anonymous donations and all ineligible donations will be returned.

Electoral rules require that we record your contact details but they do not normally have to be published. Please indicate if you would like a receipt.

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