Touting at the airport

York’s Labour administration is £3.7m in the red, yet plans to spend £10,000 set up costs and £75,000 a year of borrowed money (in the Economic Infrastructure Fund) to advertise the city to international arrivals at Leeds Bradford Airport (as reported by the York Press on Aug 24th).

Most of this target audience will be people returning from holiday, visiting relatives in Pakistan/India or who already have a planned tourist visit to Yorkshire. Supposedly this is part of a strategy to ‘internationalise the city’ and attract business visitors, inward investors and students. Labour claim to be concerned about affordable housing, yet here they have a clear strategy which if successful would push up house prices and stoke up pressure to build on greenbelt land by attracting more affluent foreign students, academics and professionals to York. Personally, I doubt it will have much impact, apart from boosting the finances of Leeds Bradford Airport and wasting council taxpayers money.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne

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