Local Student Resolves to Continue Climate Protest and Strike

Patrick Thelwell

A York Green Party council candidate, 19 year old Patrick Thelwell, appeared at City of London Magistrate’s court this week. He is one of many climate protectors to stand trial after Extinction Rebellion protests in London earlier this year which raised the alarm on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Nearly all the 1000 people arrested1 by The Metropolitan Police will be appearing before magistrates with plea hearings scheduled for the rest of the year and trials continuing well into next year.

Mr Thelwell, runner-up to the successful candidates in the 2019 Hull Rd council election, says of the guilty verdict received for breaching the Public Order Act.

“Despite the judge’s disappointing verdict my experience in court was empowering: I had the opportunity to present the scientific facts of climate breakdown to the court and make the case that civil disobedience is a necessary response to the ecological crisis. My resolve to fight for climate justice with XR and the Green Party has never been stronger”

Extinction Rebellion say they hope to set a major precedent in British law, establishing a citizen’s right to act in the face of emergency. The international rebellion continues in London from 7th October2.

Here in York, UNISON are supporting the general Climate Strike on 20th September 2019 which is calling for adults to join the youth strikes and walk out of work that day. Green Group leader, Cllr D’Agorne supports this saying,

“I hope that we can work with staff and unions to comply with this request in a safe manner so as to demonstrate that we do indeed take the threat to the climate very seriously.”

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