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The Green Party is active on a huge range of issues, not just environmental matters.

Campaigns / Consultations your views are needed for: 

Defend Our NHS

As you are hopefully aware Unite and UNISON are currently balloting members for strike action over the creation of a Wholly Owned Company. Due to the extremely tight deadlines we only have 6 days in which to ballot members in order to take action before the proposed transfer date of the 1st October. Representatives from both UNISON and Unite will be engaging with members next week to encourage them to vote. Due to the new Trade Union Act at least 50% of the members balloted have to return their ballot papers. It is therefore vitally important that we get out and speak to members next week.


THIS WEEK we are planning to hold a Rally outside York Hospital from Monday to Friday as follows:-


Monday 10th September 8am – 10am

Tuesday 11th September 8am – 10am

Wednesday 12th September 8am – 10am ( to coincide with the Chief Exec interviews)

Thursday 13th September 2pm – 4pm (to coincide with the Chief Exec interviews)

Friday 14th September 8am – 10am.


Any help and support that you and your colleagues can give us on these days would be greatly appreciated. If you can only do one day the 12th and/or 13th would be the best days as this is when the Chief Exec interviews are taking place. Michelle is going to speak to various Community Groups that have helped us previously and I will contact the local media.


The organisers pologise that the Rally is only taking place in York. This is due to the fact that visibility wise it offers us the best opportunity for the public to see it, most of the Community Groups are based in and around York and it is easier to get media coverage.





Is there anyone who would like to start a petition about Drax's gas plans in the York Green Party or anyone else you know in Yorkshire might be interested? Change.org think it might be better if someone from Yorkshire is the person starting the petition.

We have also received an email from The Planning Inspectorate to say there will be a preliminary meeting about Drax's gas application on Thursday 4th October in Goole. Please contact sally@biofuelwatch.org.uk Tel 0775-1967222



BREXIT PEOPLE'S VOTE - March for the Future on October 20th 2018. We want to make this the biggest march in history. 

Before the big day, we want you to share with us why you're marching on October 20th to help build anticipation of the event.


We're asking you to film a short video about why you'll be out on the streets on October 20th. Please share a video of yourself of no more than 30 seconds, where you complete the sentence: "I'm marching for a People's Vote on October 20th because..."


The best videos will be shared on social media in the lead up to the March.


To send across your video, follow this link: https://wetransfer.com/, drag and drop your video file onto the page, then click transfer. Once the upload is complete, copy the link it gives you and then send it to joanna.thom@peoples-vote.uk.


Clean Air Zone for York

The council is proposing to introduce a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) which Green4Micklegate campaigner Rosie, collected over 600 signatures for in her petition last year. This will require any individual bus operating on a public local bus service, into the Clean Air Zone, five or more times per day to be ultra low emission bus standard.

The public's survey went live on Clean Air Day and you can find it here at www.york.gov.uk/consultations Or ask for a paper copy at West Offices.

Ultra low emission buses (ULEBs) are those that have no exhaust emissions (e.g. electric buses) or have significantly reduced pollution emissions such as Euro 6 diesel buses, gas powered and electric hybrid buses.

Consultation closes at midnight on Friday 3 August 2018

Here is York Green Party's response if you would like to use/adapt it:

“The Clean Air Zone as proposed should be extended to all buses by 2023 and a separate proposal brought forward for a charging clean air zone applicable to HGV's light vans. This should be in tandem with financing a freight transhipment centre and LPG refuelling station as envisaged in the current Low Emission Strategy. This needs to be worked up to be included in the revised local transport strategy LTP4 from 2019- 2023. CYC also needs to speed up implementation of all other elements of the 2012 Low Emission Strategy including year round education programmes on active travel, anti idling etc. Given the planned expansion within the Local Plan far greater efforts will be needed to secure modal shift to walking cycling and public transport in order to prevent increased traffic undoing the health benefits of these measures.”

 by Fishergate councillor, Andy D’Agorne



The Ecologist has just published a Friends' of the Earth employee's article calling for a campaign to push selected multinationals to make major emissions cuts soon, showing all large companies that they could be targeted next. The proposed campaign would be large enough both to match the scale of the climate challenge, and to inspire enough potential supporters to get involved. Please let Tim know if you would like to take part in a teleconference to progress the plan, or make any other suggestions.    

View the report of the article published in The Ecologist

It describes the type of climate campaign which my research suggests would be most likely to succeed before it’s too late. Large organisations like Greenpeace or the Climate Coalition could make such a campaign take off and succeed. If you think the strategy outlined should be considered, please ask senior representatives in your organisation to consider it. I may convene a meeting or teleconference in which such representatives and others could take part.


Thank you, Tim Root, Co-ordinator, Muswell Hill & Hornsey Friends of the Earth, email  tim@timroot.net   



York Station Front

The proposals for York Station Front are based on 8 key features which improve the use of space - here is the local party's response:

"Overall we support the proposals to remove the Queen St Bridge, open up access to the city centre through the Victorian arch under the walls and segregate cycle routes away from the buses. We also support the removal of traffic from Tea Room Square and the relocation of the taxi rank to improve air quality and safety within the station entrance area. Relocating short stay parking and bus stops to the south of the entrance makes sense and provides environmental benefits. However we have a number of concerns about the detail of these proposals, not least that we should learn from the 2005 experience of proposing changes that don’t take full account of the likely expansion of use of rail travel.

 Bus Provision: We share the concerns of the York Civic Trust planning committee submission, that combined provision to the west and east of the station needs to model the likely bus use which suggests as many as 6 stops in each direction at the Queen St side. We are strongly of the view that provision for people to interchange easily between bus- rail and bus-bus is more important than the current proposal to retain over 700 long stay parking places (plus a similar number of spaces for the NRM/Network Rail on the York Central side of the station). Potential designs for a full bus interchange next to the station should be carefully evaluated before committing to the current layout. This would simplify the layout and ease with which visitors can locate their bus and allow for change of direction by services without the need for a loop around the site. It might also facilitate on road areas being used for tourist buses, deliveries, drop off and pick up etc.

 Parking: We feel that short stay parking may need to be slightly increased, but long stay could be reduced to 100 – 200 spaces in conjunction with an executive (24 hour airport style) park and ride service serving the station on a regular frequency, linked to times of arrival of significant rail services. This would have a major benefit of reduced congestion and pollution in the area and could potentially also serve key city centre offices and places of entertainment.

 Cycling: The segregated design is a step forward, removing some of the conflicting movements near bus stops. However tying in to a safe design at the Lendal Gyratory and Blossom St junctions will be crucial – for example advance cycle lights and feeder lane at the junction. As an alternative the Hudson House route has the potential to link into routes away from busy traffic through Bishophill if properly designed and signed. The ‘super- crossing’ near the entrance is likely to be used by many cyclists who should be given a clearly delineated section of the crossing, leading to a clearly marked wide cyclepath through Tea Room Square to reach the cycle parking or access the route to Scarborough Bridge. Loading arrangements in Tea Room Square need to be considered and restricted at peak times. Police parking should be relocated to the south as part of the short stay parking provision. The current design near the mouth of the entrance to short stay parking needs to be revised to segregate cycle and pedestrian movements and potentially signalise this (?) to avoid recreating the current confusion and congestion that takes place at the entrance to Tea Room Square.

New routes: We support the idea of at least investigating provision of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge from the southern part of the site, potentially connect with the Lowther Terrace access from Holgate Rd and could enhance walking and cycling between York Central and the area south of the station.

General Landscaping: With climate change it will be important to consider appropriate soft as well as hard landscaping including tree planting to provide shade and moisture retention eg for the paved areas. The natural slope of the banks below the walls provides scope for floral and water features especially on either side of the Victorian arch, leading the eye to the new pedestrian route into the city centre.

Consultation closed.

Cycle campaign 2018

Do you know a part of York where the infrastructure just isn't quite right? Is there a junction that you have an idea for how it could be improved? Do you regularly come across a barriers that make your journey difficult, or impossible? If so we want to know about it.

That's why we've started using Cyclescape, an online mapping tool, to allow you to highlight your trouble spots so that on a regular basis we can meet with the local authority with your concerns and discuss ways in which they can be resolved.

 Cyclescape is a national mapping tool that lets cyclists log issues for the attention of their local campaign groups, and was developed by the same people who developed CycleStreets the online cycle journey planner.

 Create an account

To start logging issues you must first create an account, fortunately the good people of Cyclescape have created a step-by-step guide to help you with this. Once you've created your account you can join the York Cycle Campaign group by either visiting us at https://ycc.cyclescape.org/ or searching for the group in the search bar and clicking 'Join this Group'. We have to approve your request, but normally this gets done in 24 hours. Once a member we'll be able to see your issues, but you'll also be able to see and and comments to issues other members have added if you agree or have more to add.

 Log an Issue

We're interested in anything that you come across in the York area that impacts on cycling around the city, this could be many things such as:


· A sudden end to a cycle lane,


· A badly placed barrier,


· A one way street that could have an 'Except Cyclists' exemption,


To log your issue, click Issues on the top green menu bar.


Make sure it says 'York Cycle Campaign' on the right hand side of the menu bar, not 'No Group' or the name of another group, that way we get notified of your issue.

Better Evening Buses

We have - as they go - a pretty good daytime bus service in York. But the evening economy is still heavily car-dependent, and options for those who do not drive become limited.

York's Local Plan

The Council's proposals for the long-term development of York involve a massive expansion of York's population and built-up area, but with no plan for infrastructure to allow these people to access facilities sustainably, or for how we can protect York's identity and quality of life.


People’s Vote March for the Future on October 20th. We want to make this the biggest Brexit march in history.


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