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The Green Party is active on a huge range of issues, not just environmental matters.

Some of our current campaigns are:

Cycle campaign 2018

Do you know a part of York where the infrastructure just isn't quite right? Is there a junction that you have an idea for how it could be improved? Do you regularly come across a barriers that make your journey difficult, or impossible? If so we want to know about it.

That's why we've started using Cyclescape, an online mapping tool, to allow you to highlight your trouble spots so that on a regular basis we can meet with the local authority with your concerns and discuss ways in which they can be resolved.

 Cyclescape is a national mapping tool that lets cyclists log issues for the attention of their local campaign groups, and was developed by the same people who developed CycleStreets the online cycle journey planner.

 Create an account

To start logging issues you must first create an account, fortunately the good people of Cyclescape have created a step-by-step guide to help you with this. Once you've created your account you can join the York Cycle Campaign group by either visiting us at https://ycc.cyclescape.org/ or searching for the group in the search bar and clicking 'Join this Group'. We have to approve your request, but normally this gets done in 24 hours. Once a member we'll be able to see your issues, but you'll also be able to see and and comments to issues other members have added if you agree or have more to add.

 Log an Issue

We're interested in anything that you come across in the York area that impacts on cycling around the city, this could be many things such as:


· A sudden end to a cycle lane,


· A badly placed barrier,


· A one way street that could have an 'Except Cyclists' exemption,


To log your issue, click Issues on the top green menu bar.


Make sure it says 'York Cycle Campaign' on the right hand side of the menu bar, not 'No Group' or the name of another group, that way we get notified of your issue.

Better Evening Buses

We have - as they go - a pretty good daytime bus service in York. But the evening economy is still heavily car-dependent, and options for those who do not drive become limited.

York's Local Plan

The Council's proposals for the long-term development of York involve a massive expansion of York's population and built-up area, but with no plan for infrastructure to allow these people to access facilities sustainably, or for how we can protect York's identity and quality of life.


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