Climate Change

The Ecologist has just published a Friends of the Earth employee’s article calling for a campaign to push selected multinationals to make major emissions cuts soon, showing all large companies that they could be targeted next. The proposed campaign would be large enough both to match the scale of the climate challenge, and to inspire enough potential supporters to get involved. Please let Tim know if you would like to take part in a teleconference to progress the plan, or make any other suggestions.

View the report of the article published in The Ecologist.

It describes the type of climate campaign which my research suggests would be most likely to succeed before it’s too late. Large organisations like Greenpeace or the Climate Coalition could make such a campaign take off and succeed. If you think the strategy outlined should be considered, please ask senior representatives in your organisation to consider it. I may convene a meeting or teleconference in which such representatives and others could take part.

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