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York Stop Trump Rally

Speech by Tom Franklin to the Stop Trump Rally

I was in London yesterday (13 July), at another Trump rally, not quite as big as this one – this is the biggest demo ever – there has never been a bigger demo and Trump only gets the biggest and best demos. This is even biggerer than the inauguration.

Trump is doing so much evil that I could have picked many things to talk about from racism to misogyny to locking up children to ignorance and fascism to lying and cheating, from corruption to bullying. But I want to say something about the two most dangerous areas of Trump. Climate change and war.

Only ignorant idiots like Trump continue to deny human made climate change, and only imbeciles don’t take action. Trump puts money before the future. Money for himself and his friends. He is attempting to expand the coal industry (and trying to give it subsidies), reducing even further the controls on fracking and punishing renewable energy. Only one country has a record as bad – The UK with May cutting subsidies to renewable energy while giving enormous subsidies to oil and gas and fracking; making almost impossible to oppose fracking and equally difficult to build onshore wind farms.

And, he has pulled the US out of the Paris Accord on climate change. Weak though it is, the Paris Accord is one of our main hopes of not destroying the planet. But, Trump has taken the largest poisoner of the planet out of the Paris Accord so that he can allow the oil companies to profit now. We, and our children, will be picking up the cost of his wilful ignorance and destructiveness.

Talking of destructiveness, on arms control he is no better.

He has rescinded the nuclear deal with Iran, without even knowing what it contains; simply because it was negotiated by Obama. The aptly named “nuclear posture review” is calling for an increase in the number of nuclear weapons, and increases the circumstances in which the US would be willing to use nuclear weapons to include “non-nuclear strategic attacks” against infrastructure, and even to use nuclear weapons as a response to a cyber-attack. This is not safe, this is not acceptable. We need to eliminate nuclear weapons

He is developing new so called “low-yield” nuclear weapons. These low-yield weapons are bigger than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Trump has increased US military spending from an absurd $594 billion to ludicrous $696 billion that is clearly intended to be used to start wars to crush those that Trump doesn’t like (think Muslim countries, think countries not run by dictators that he fauns over). Then again, Only this week Trump has called on NATO countries to double their military budget, but what can this be for if not to fight wars. We don’t need to spend this money on keeping armies that will only increase the danger of war.

Cut defence spending, and let’s have peace.

We say – Americans are Welcome. Trump go home

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