Barbican Community eviction

The vacant land by the Barbican has been empty and unused for far too long (in spite of planning consents for housing) while Persimmon wait to maximise profit rather than provide much needed affordable housing in York.

A small number of committed community activists had peacefully moved on the site (and started to clean it up) with aim of ensuring that it is used for something beneficial for the whole community. York Green Party welcomes this grassroots action and the development of this overgrown vacant lot.

York Green Party is appalled at the violent, and quite possibly unlawful, eviction of Green Party Member Patrick Thelwell and others from the site this morning so that Persimmon can continue to sit on the land doing nothing.

Tom Franklin, chair of York Green Party said “The Barbican Community could have been still be an exciting and vibrant addition for York and an excellent use of a site that has been allowed to be empty for many years. There is a real need in York for places like this, and we support all those who took part in attempting to develop this” We urge the land owners to involve the local community in their plans for the site and ensure that it is developed in the near future for the benefit of York residents.

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